Hey you glorious soul!
I'm Katherine,
a curious soul
inspired by
the paradox of
human experience.
Welcome to my universe!


I'm a heartist...
the muse
the art
the artist

Being raised the 7th of 12 children in a Christian home, I was obedient and compliant to all the requirements of ‘Heaven’ and eternal life with my family.

The cognitive dissonance around the churches teachings and my personal relationship with Divine Intelligence, ‘God’ caught up with me when I was 29. A marriage based on the church, 4 children, and the gripping fear that … what I choose NOW will echo in eternity.

After leaving the church in 2011, I studied ICPKP (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners) certificate of Kinesiology.

My marriage of 11 years ended as I was starting my diploma. I’ve been in the admin team of the Kinesiology College, a tutor, a mentor, a coach and a practitioner.

After my sister’s stroke in 2016, Kinesiology took a back seat as Network Marketing and creating a personal brand seemed more sustainable for a single Mum of 4 kids. So I started guiding people through a nutritional program that aligned with my product philosophies. This was an exciting time for me! It was the ultimate in effort/reward. I earnt incentive trips, including one to Hawaii with all of my kids! ME, and an incredible team of human’s who were all working hard for their own goals too.

Ultimately, my effort was not sustainable… and I burnt out! A HPV diagnosis, adrenal fatigue, glandular fever and other health issues all pointed to one solution….. REST!

And as someone who placed their value in what I can DO, this devastated my self esteem. I had to move cities, back to my parents property.

2019, my heart broke. My eldest child decided not to move with us. I celebrated his honesty, acknowledging the difficult situation. I felt guilty for not managing my health better. 

2020 – my greatest fear was playing out. All my children were struggling with their mental health. I was struggling with my mental health. 3 of them mentioned suicidal ideations. One of them, had a plan and asked I not try to stop them. My spirit broke. 

Later that year I fell deeply in love.
We met as friends, which was what I needed.
I had no more tolerance for casual hook-ups, or half-assing.

I wanted to be seen and loved for me, so it had to start with friendship!

After a few months, the friendship deepened into a love I felt at peace in.
My heart and mind were valued and respected, and there wasn’t neediness or expectation of physical intimacy. There was emotional intimacy, which opened me.

Sex became a Spiritual experience for me. Because my heart was so open to this love, and FULLY CHOOSING the human in front of me, the channel of Spiritual energy seemed to stablise and receive and HOLD more information and paradox’s.

As life brought several personal and familial traumatic experiences to navigate, as a human, but also as a mother, my chosen love created a soft landing for me to ground through.

I felt safe to open my Spiritual side deeper to cope with the trauma, and he was encouraging, supportive and loving.
He created a safe container for me to open into my sensuality, through my senses.

As a result, my senses deepened, and I became more sensitive to energy.

We decided to move in together after 6 months, as we felt our lives were merging naturally.
It was the sweetest, most deliciously intimate cocoon , and I allowed myself joy’s I knew were possible, while witnessing the unfolding of my desired and chosen love.

I was in heaven, my dreams were all coming true…
while also navigating through the personal hells!

His reflection of the love I felt within,
His ability to accept the depths of love I had always desired to pour into a man
Grounded me through love. A frequency I had always wanted as a base for the sancuary of HOME.

It was the floating that my life and nervous system needed
To deepen my spiritual gifts.


Early 2021 – I started channeling, and my Great Grandmother was connected with me through some ancestral healings with my daughter. A private family healing uprooted old trauma to clear, faster than it had through previous generations.

I will never be the same.

June 2021 After riding skooters to school with my youngest child, I stopped by a creek in town to meditate. I was in curious contemplation about the nature of consciousness…

I experienced a spontaneous third eye opening / kundalini activation.

December 2023 Update..

The lover that I chose to build a life with, moved out over a month ago. It’s been a year of grief, letting go of forcing, letting go of fighting, and holding my own heart so deeply that I validate my own experience and give myself the love I require. 

Did I chose the wrong person? No. I believe we all have choices, and our experience of life is a culmination of our own choices. Each choice brings us closer to our desired experience, or further away. I chose to choose again. I chose to make my experience gentler and simpler. I believe that we don’t know the end of things at the beginning, and that if a couple maintain a connection with their shared vision, then they negotiate the building of that dream TOGETHER. 

I am so open to building a life with someone in the future. Right now, I am drinking in the luxury of my own time and space! Creating, writing, singing, FEELING DEEPLY and presensing my experience from perspectives I hadn’t considered. 

I choose to be my own life builder, and champion my heart with courage and faith, that the space I hold for a man in my life, will be filled as and when… I love the surrender to divine timing! All while I work on me! What a delicious process!!


This website is my personal creation, the intention is to express my experiences .. as proof that , no matter what we experience, we get to choose how we define ourselves, we get to create our lives as LIVING ART!

The safest way I have learnt to do this, the way with less regrets, is to align the motivation to your heart share your truth with love!

I’m here to share.

I love you!